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All our candles are hand-poured using 100% natural vegetable waxes and cotton wicks to promote clean and pure burn.  Our fragrances are 100% natural pure essential oil blends with their unique aromatherapy benefits.
'Living Well' collection
Improve your wellbeing and bring positivity and serenity into your own home with our six unique essential oil blends of Joy, Peace, Loving, Birth, Energy and Protect.

These blends will help you to focus and slow down, boost your natural energy, uplift your mood and just help you feel your very best.
'Mindful Living' collection
Three intense natural blends 'Awaken Your Senses', 'Soulful Moments' and 'Deep Tranquility', formulated to deliver deeply through the natural power of essential oils.

Explore your spiritual self using our candles to compliment meditation or mindfulness practices such as yoga, relaxation and breathing techniques .Explore, engage, infuse and revive.
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