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'Awaken your Senses' Apothecary Scented Candle

'Awaken your Senses' Apothecary Scented Candle

  • Lift your spirits and stimulate your immune system with the clarifying and rejuvenating properties of Eucalyptus and renewing, energising Rosemary.

  • Combine these with the balancing floral qualities of Rose Geranium and the calming sweet citrus Orange notes to feel uplifted and reconnected with yourself.

  • These essential oils provide an energy boost and help increase concentration, the perfect combination for practising mindfulness and yoga.

  • Our Apothecary candle jars with a handy lid, make them a wonderful companion whether at home or on the go.

  • 'Mindful Living' collection.

  • Handcrafted using 100% natural soy & rapeseed waxes and natural cotton/linen wick.
  •  150g candle contains at least 15ml of pure essential oils, with a burn time of approx 30h.
  • Care Instructions

    Please note that these candles are not petroleum based and consequently have a much longer, cleaner and healthier burn time.
    When lighting for the first time allow wax to melt to the sides of the jar to ensure longer and more consistent burn.
    For the best results burn your candle for 1-3 hours per burn.
    After each burn and once the wax has set, always trim the wick to 5 mm.

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