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Refillable Artisan Candle Jar

Refillable Artisan Candle Jar

  • Our refillable Artisan Candle Jars are handmade in small batches in our studio in Berkshire using eco-friendly, sustainable materials.

  • Designed to be filled with our custom-made Candle Refills (sold separately).

  • To allow you customise your candle , these jars are sold free of wax filling.

  • Their  simple 'Scandi' feel design and a subtle color palette will compliment any living space in your home.

  • Please note that due to the unique making process each jar may slightly differ in colour and finish, that is beauty of handmade products.

  • Available in seven subtle colors.
  • Artisan Candle Jar dimensions: 8.5cm x 9.0cm
  • Care Instructions

    Unwrap your wax refill and place it inside the jar. Light and enjoy it!

    When you have approximately 1cm. of wax remaining, stop burning your candle and let the wax set. It is time to refill it! Fill half of the heatproof bowl with the boiling and a dash of cold water. Place your jar into the bowl. Within few minutes you will start to notice how the edges of the wax inside the jar starts to melt. Gently press on the edge of the wax and scoop it out of the jar (no sharp objects please).Remove all remaining wax with the paper towel and if needed rinse your jar using warm water, soap and a soft cloth (please do not use harsh sponges). Set your jar aside for a little while letting it dry completely. Now your jar is ready to be refilled and used again! 

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