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Our luxury scented candles are designed and handcrafted in the countryside of Berkshire with only natural botanical ingredients.

We use natural soya & rapeseed wax blends and unbleached cotton/linen wicks to ensure a pure, clean and safe burn.

Our natural fragrances are 100% pure essential oil blends with true therapeutic benefits. 

No harsh chemicals. No artificial colours or fragrances. No paraffin or mineral wax. No leaded wicks.

LIVING WELL collection, our philosophy

Improve your wellbeing and bring positivity and serenity in your own home with our five unique essential oil blends of Joy, Peace, Loving, Birth and Energy.


These blends will help you to focus and slow down, boost your natural energy, uplift  your mood and just feel your very best.

MINDFUL LIVING collection, our philosophy

Reveal and revive your natural radiance with our intense natural blends, formulated to deliver deeply through the natural power of essential oils.


Explore your spiritual self using our candles to compliment meditation or mindfulness practices such as yoga, relaxation and breathing techniques. Explore, engage, infuse and revive.



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Refresh your mind and your home with our ‘ Living Well’ collection reed diffusers.

Lovingly made with 100% pure essential oils and naturally-derived ingredients only.

Add our beautiful natural scents to any space in your home to enable you to be completely in the present, bringing you balance and calm.  

Made with ingredients from renewable sources. Vegan friendly.

No artificial colours or fragrances. No paraffin or alcohol. Non toxic.


It is known that incorporating the sense of smell in your home or workspace evokes relaxation, aids wellbeing and improves focus and creativity.  


But did you know that synthetic fragrances can adversely affect your health?  


This knowledge inspired me to create my own 100% natural, holistic aromatherapy candle collection. 


My passion for candles derives from the beauty and peace I find in the countryside of my homeland around the Curonian Spit. With its breathtaking golden sand dunes and endless pine forests on the shores of the Baltic Sea, it is a special place to relax and unwind. A place to regain peace, joy and energy and to find tranquillity for body and mind. This insight led me to explore and research key ingredients, the benefits they can bring, and how I could share these experiences with you by bringing them into your home.  


Pure essential oils are extracts from flowers, roots, leaves, fruits, grasses or woods and are so therapeutic they can affect your mood within three seconds and can improve a physical condition within 24 to 28 hours. 


So, when you need a little extra happiness, a burst of energy or simply some me-time to relax and unwind, treat yourself by allowing our luxurious handmade aromatherapy candles immerse your home with their exquisite carefully sourced blends. 

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